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InterveXion Therapeutics

Developing a comprehensive program of therapies for people with methamphetamine use disorder
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"Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant that is addictive and can cause considerable health adversities that can sometimes result in death." 

About InterveXion Therapeutics, LLC

Privately held clinical-stage biotech company focused on treating methamphetamine use disorder

     InterveXion is developing a comprehensive program of therapies to treat people with methamphetamine use disorder, including both short and long-acting monoclonal antibodies and vaccines. These antibodies work by binding methamphetamine and preventing its entry into the CNS.

     InterveXion has been fully funded to date by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) grants. Our lead product, devextinetug (also called IXT-m200), is in Phase 2 clinical development for both treatment of methamphetamine use disorder and methamphetamine overdose. InterveXion has received Fast Track designation from the FDA and we have positive Phase 2 POC data in people who use methamphetamine. 

     Follow-on programs for methamphetamine use disorder include a vaccine and long-acting monoclonal antibodies against methamphetamine both with reduced dose frequency.

For more on InterveXion, please watch the video below.

Our Team


Keith Ward, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Mike Owens, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Misty Stevens, PhD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer


Ralph Henry, PhD

VP Biopharmaceutics


W. Brooks Gentry, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Latest News

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